Corps Interieur was a contemporary dance Poster by Gareth Bate Design

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Corps Intérieur Poster


David Pressault Danse

Testimonial: "Corps Interieur is David Pressault Danse’s most audacious and successful creative proposition to date and Gareth Bate’s set design was an integral part of this work. With a bold vision and relentless rigour he cleverly used synthetic material (paint trapped in plastic wrap so it keeps its liquid feel) to make huge pieces of plastic and cover the entire Monument National Theatre, giving the scenic environment an organic impression and immersing the audience in what felt like being inside a living body."

David Pressault


Description: Corps Interieur was a contemporary dance production by David Pressault Dance and Danse-Cité performed at the Monument National Theatre in Montreal in January and December 2009. Gareth was the visual artist and set designer.

My poster collaboration involved doing the visual mediation on a photograph by Nicolas Ruel of dancer Angie Cheng. The visuals needed to evoke a sense of a womb or inner body and match the visual spirit of the set design I created. The graphic design ellements on the printed poster were added by.