Gareth Bate Set Design Installations

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Corps Intérieur Set Design


David Pressault Danse

Description: The set design installation for "Corps Intérieur"  (Inner Body) pushes the boundaries of painting, as well as set design, with an immersive environment where the audience descends into a glowing underworld reminiscent of a pulsing inner body.

The provocative performance by David Pressault Danse in collaboration with Danse-Cité premiered in Jan. 09 at the Monument National Theatre in Montreal. The show was very sucessful and sold out several nights. It will be remounted Nov. 30 - Dec 3, 2009.

In this visceral environment the dancers embody consciousness in an inner world reminiscent of the body’s pulsing organs or a womb. The mezzanine section incorporates a massive 200-foot installation created by trapping fluid acrylic paint between textured layers of plastic wrap. On the lower level the audience is invited to wander the space and interact with the dancers. The design incorporates five 10 x 10 foot “peep show” boxes made of painted cotton. They resemble Chinese lanterns painted to evoke cave paintings covered in hand prints. The audience peeks through holes to view the dancers inside. Lucie Bazzo provides a stunning lighting design. The extreme set pushes the material restrictions of what is permissible in theatres. The show has been well reviewed in Le Devoir, La Presse, and the Hour among others.

Acknowledgments: Ontario Arts Council,
Emerging Artist Grant.
Special Thanks:
David Pressault, Armando Gomez Rubio, Angelo Barsetti, François Bricout, Catherine Viau, Lucie Bazzo, Graham Jackson and Dawne Rudman.



Testimonial: "Corps Interieur is David Pressault Danse’s most audacious and successful creative proposition to date and Gareth Bate’s set design was an integral part of this work. With a bold vision and relentless rigour he cleverly used synthetic material (paint trapped in plastic wrap so it keeps its liquid feel) to make huge pieces of plastic and cover the entire Monument National Theatre, giving the scenic environment an organic impression and immersing the audience in what felt like being inside a living body."

David Pressault