"I can’t say enough good things about my work with Gareth Bate. The website had the particularity of presenting two sides of my work: psychotherapy and music. It was a big site with a lot of material. Yet, Gareth had such a clear concept of the presentation that many people have commented on the luminosity and beauty of the website. He made it easy to navigate, both within a section and in between the two sections.

I felt that whatever I asked from Gareth, he could do. He could add musical excerpts, pictures, pdf files, text... All this work was done for a very reasonable price.

Besides, Gareth is the most easy-going and gentle person with whom I have worked. I just knew that he would take care of anything with efficacy, gentleness and humor. I can’t wait for my next collaboration with him."

Elisabeth Pomès
Jungian Analyst, singer and performance consultant



"Gareth Bate’s beautiful, distinctive designs for the website, posters, and brochures of Oakville’s biennial festival of fibre arts helped put the festival on the international arts map. His creative imagination, attention to detail, and resourcefulness for visuals and wording were remarkable. His extensive and prompt work, above and beyond expectation, envisioned possibilities which encouraged the Festival organizers to develop the most successful event ~ artistically and financially ~ in the festival’s history since 1998."

Dr. Jane Coryell
Member of each World of Threads Festival committee
(including Chair, Grants Coordinator)



"Gareth's design of my website surpassed my expectations. He was able to draw out all of the important information and preferences from me and organize them into a cohesive site that complements my paintings and translates my personal style, making it easily accessible to anyone looking through it.

Response has been very positive from artists as well as non-artists who have used the site to better understand what I am trying to achieve in my work.

In addition, I have been contacted by people who found my website while randomly browsing on the net. I attribute this entirely to Gareth’s technical expertise and persistence in finding exactly the right information to link to.

The entire process of working with Gareth on this project has helped me enormously in the organization of my art practice."

Carolyn Dinsmore



"Working with Gareth was a pleasure - and that's not an experience I've found easy to come by on design projects. I appreciated his iterative approach - generously going through as many passes of designing and prototyping as necessary, while at the same time guiding the process - with gentle prodding and suggestions - so that we would meet the Web-site launch date. I found his approach incredibly fruitful and was able to arrive at what I really wanted in a way I never would have if we had worked in a more traditional; manner - which would have relied on what I thought I wanted at the start. I am thrilled with the resulting site and have already received great feedback on it from visitors."

Howard Podeswa



"If you start working with Gareth, you are in for a long stimulating professional journey. Gareth does not stop at what you presume to be Web Design. Long after he completes the work assigned he will keep adding and making professional connections for your benefit. He is well versed in electronic media, navigating you through the unknown with a calm and humor, but more importantly has a great sense of design.

From the beginning of the process, Gareth demonstrated exceptional professionalism. He introduced me to a tutorial he created, and set up a working timeline, which he carried through with great punctuality. Promptly after seeing the full body of my work, he created a beautiful design to complementing the work and respecting my esthetic choices.

I look forward to continue my professional journey with Gareth."

Nomi Drory



"Gareth Bate knows how to design a website that would best represent one’s work. Just like I wanted, the clean and minimalist look he designed for my website puts the emphasis on my art work. It was a wonderful experience to work with Gareth. He is professional and open to suggestions. I have been recommending his services to all my friends."

Colette Laliberté



"I am extremely satisfied with the website Gareth Bate has designed for me.  His artistic vision, attention to detail and committment to quality work have resulted in a unique and beautiful website that perfectly fits my personal style.  I often receive compliments on my website, and I am happy to recommend Gareth's services.  It is a pleasure to work with him."

Kendra Sartorelli



"Corps Interieur is David Pressault Danse’s most audacious and successful creative proposition to date and Gareth Bate’s set design was an integral part of this work. With a bold vision and relentless rigour he cleverly used synthetic material (paint trapped in plastic wrap so it keeps its liquid feel) to make huge pieces of plastic and cover the entire Monument National Theatre, giving the scenic environment an organic impression and immersing the audience in what felt like being inside a living body."

David Pressault
Corps Interieur Choreographer



"Having worked with Gareth over six months, I feel confident recommending him as a web designer. He led me through the planning and preparation stages very well, giving clear instructions and a realistic timeline to get my website up and running. As I was looking for someone who could program and design, his skills in both were excellent - the site works very smoothly, and the design is clean and attractive, just what I had hoped! His experience and programming skills were evident throughout the project, as was his professionalism. I'm already planning on using him for another website in future."

Hilary Inwood
Eco-Art Educator



"I worked with Gareth Bate on my website for about a year. I found he had wonderfully innovative ideas and was very thorough in his construction of the site. He also had the ability to create a design that really reflected the concepts and ideas I was interested in exploring and wanted represented in the site. I think his design accurately reflected the nature of my art work and presented it in a way that is engaging for the public.

We developed a flexible work schedule and he was willing to work on the site with me over an extended time period and was very patient when there were delays or changes that had to be made. I found the designs he came up with were interesting and multilayered and he was able to put together a complex site for me that beautifully and tastefully represented many different aspects of my art work.

It was a great pleasure working with Gareth and I would definitely use him again for website and design work."

Sarah Hunter



"Working with Gareth was a great pleasure. He is fun and ingenious. He worked very hard to help me achieve the character and feel of the site I needed. This was quite a challenge as I needed options, support, input and his creativity. Gareth is highly organized, and expected a lot of "being organized" from me, which was great! We worked quickly and efficiently and I am delighted with the outcome. See for yourself!"

Jane Murdoch Adams



"Gareth Bate was the designer for my artist’s website, a project I had started several times over the past years, but only finally realized this past year with Gareth’s help.  The work that Gareth has done on the design of my website was wonderful, and the website was completed very quickly.  I would highly recommend Gareth Bate for to any other creative artist who is searching for a designer for their website."    

Sarah Nind



"I am delighted with the website that Gareth Bate designed for me. He performed magic, taking my vague ideas and giving them form. He has a sensitive eye, great patience, and the necessary technical expertise. The result was beyond anything I could have imagined.

During the process of creating the site, he broke a daunting amount of information into manageable steps, and gently prodded when I got behind at my end of things. It was always a pleasure to work with him.

I have had a lot of positive feedback about the site, and enquiries from people who found it online. I have recommended Gareth to a number of people and would not hesitate to do so in the future. He does excellent work."

Margaret Glew



"Building a website is a process filled with surprises, we were fortunate to have Gareth as teacher and guide in our endeavour. Gareth is a consummate professional with a calm energy, good ability to focus and an easy laugh. He is a good listener and was respectful of our process and how we needed to work. Patiently he brought us back to where we needed to be again and again.

It was clear that Gareth was fully invested in our project and gave 150% to make sure we would end up with what we wanted - at times when we were content he challenged us to go a little further for which we are very grateful.

We look forward to our own on-going relationship and recommend his services highly."

Judith McDermid & Kelly Cade
Viniyoga Connection



"Gareth is a consummate professional who understands the complexities of web design. He is a patient guide and easy to work with through each stage of the creative process. He has a sophisticated sense of colour and composition and tailors his concept to the individual’s vision. He is the perfect designer combination of technician and artist."

Janet Hunter



"Gareth is an artist, and he certainly brings this part of his personality, vision, and talent into his website designs. As a result, he produces beautiful pages with elements that blend and complement each other. I asked him to design a website for our cottage on Pelee Island and he brought together the existing text and photographs in a way that impresses our site visitors and garners many positive comments. He uncomplainingly incorporated and customized different forms and gadgets that I requested, and provided me with all the information I needed to update the site myself afterwards. He was responsive and understanding. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others who are looking to build a site that stands out while being easy to use."

Ginty Burns
Pelee Island Cottage Rental



"Working with Gareth was truly a pleasure. His ability to understand my needs and execute them with such acuity made this experience an uncomplicated venture. Personally, I am not at all computer savvy and Gareth patiently and kind heartedly guided me through the stages in setting up my website. I also appreciated that Gareth always delivered on time and kept me posted as to the progress being made throughout the entire process. I liked the fact that I could approach Gareth at anytime, his reliable work ethics, and his great sense of humour. I look forward to working with Gareth as he will keep my website updated as needed. Thanks Gareth! N

Nancy Kembry



"With his gentle sensitivity, responsive listening and creative design and internet skills Gareth designed a website for me that is a perceptive and professional representation of my art.  It is clean, clear and accessible, exactly what I wanted. I’ve had positive responses to my website from visitors, including new contacts that have come through it.

Gareth is wonderful to work with. He is organized and efficient. He adheres to the agreed upon timeline and cost. At the same time he is accommodating, patient and flexible. And he continues to provide support at a very reasonable rate after the website is completed."

Anne Armstrong



"I am so pleased to say that designing this new website with Gareth was a satisfying experience. The website is representative of my cake design business which is made up of galleries with my cake designs while also linking to my Art website. I had so many ideas and we worked through them, and though some were unsuccessful, Gareth was ready with the next idea to resolve them.

The website stretches beyond my expectations, it is informative, yet still creative and interesting. Gareth is very realistic and knows the ins and outs of the web world in terms of what will work and what wont.

We also worked in a very short period of time, which was quite impressive and required a lot of time and dedication. I am very grateful for Gareth and his easygoing personality, which made this all possible for me. I finally feel like my website is a reflective example of my style and capabilities. I look forward to working creatively with Gareth in the future. Thank you Gareth for your commitment and respect towards my esthetic wants and needs. "

Nadia Colella
Nadia & Co.