About Website Design

I specialize in unique and personal websites at affordable rates. I have completed over 30 websites for artists, arts festivals, charitable foundations, an arts education organization, authors, a psychoanalyst, a consultant, yoga instructors and a cake maker. Click the images below for info about each website. For more information about my web design and frequently asked questions click here.




Organizations & Professionals

Gareth Bate Art   World of Threads Festival
Sarah Nind   Hilary Inwood
Nicole Collins   viniyoga connection
Carolyn Dinsmore   K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation
Margaret Glew   Elisabeth Pomès
Janet Hunter  

Nadia & Co.

Nomi Drory   Jane Adams Consulting
Website Design for Artist Jane Murdoch Adams  
Jane Murdoch Adams   Pelee Island Cottage Rental
  Gareth Bate Design Website
Sharon Barr   Gareth Bate Design
Howard Podeswa Website by Gareth Bate    
Howard Podeswa    
Sarah Hunter    
Phillip Woolf    
Donna Chudnow    
Alyse Frampton    
Kendra Sartorelli    
Colette Laliberté    
Jane LowBeer    
Nancy Kembry    
Anne Armstrong    
Second Gareth Bate Art    


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